I have this really bad tendency to be incredibly ambiguous. Which is actually quite humorous because when it comes down to it – I know fully what I want. It just takes me a bit to acknowledge it. Although, I have learned that you typically get what you want, if you just go for it. But going for it entails a clear, concise vision. which has no room for ambiguity.

I understand that there are a lot of people WAAAAAAY more laid back then me. I stress, A LOT. I have met them – they go with the flow, have no expectations and feel their way through life. While I do respect that approach, it is not how I operate. I am open to seeing where this one little life goes but there are still a handful of things I want out of life. There are goals I have for myself.

And getting there can be scary. You have to put yourself out there every.single.day. Some days (or weeks or years) you will have to stand by yourself for these dreams or visions. You will have to make yourself vulnerable at every crossroad. So, as I approach my two year anniversary of leaving Corporate America and being self employed, this is what I have learned:

Commit to only those who will commit. Personally, professionally, any which way you look at it. Your time and energy are your most precious commodities, don’t waste them. And yes, if you want to over analyze it – commitment is different for everyone and may be a fleeing thought in just a mere few days. But for the present it signifies that someone is willing to give you their time and energy in exchange for yours.

Determine what you want and go there. Let everything else fall by the wayside. You will find resistance anywhere, you might as well defeat resistance where you want to be.

Follow your gut. It is always right.There are articles about this, read them. Your intuition knows all.

Trust yourself. Somedays you may be the only one who trusts you. That doesn’t mean you are wrong, quite the opposite, it probably means you are creative. Go with that, the world needs more creativity. Do it differently until people are copying you. And take it from a girl who is still trying to get my leopard print dress to match my aztec sweater, people remember people who are different.

Surround yourself with people who get you. “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. Again, preserve that hot commodity of time and energy, no need to keep explaining yourself to someone who doesn’t understand.

Don’t take life too seriously. It is serious, trust me, this  hyper focused, determined East Coaster knows it, but at the end of the day – you have to laugh at it all. Outrageous things happen and sometimes (most times) they deserve a laugh.

Believe in breakthroughs, not breakdowns. They look a lot alike but the difference? You come back stronger and more focused after a breakthrough.

Lost? Rebuild. Whatever that means for you. Sell everything. Move. Quit your job. Leave your tribe, find another. It is in these scariest moments of your life that you will determine what you really want.

There you have it, what year two has brought me. Wondering what I learned the first year? Go here. Hopefully next year I learn patience, how to keep your home/office tidy and how to tame this crazy hair I was blessed with.

In addition to writing for Daigle’s Digs, Elizabeth works full-time as a Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty Downtown, LLC. Elizabeth’s expertise is in buying and selling a home, first time home buyers, short sales, and investment properties. Contact Elizabeth for any real estate needs. Cell 303-819.73.71. Work 720-314-8352.







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