If you know me, you know I love to read. I can often go weeks without turning on the television and instead read at night (a task much easier in the summer when all the shows are over). I may never know what is going on with Pop Culture but I sure can recommend a handful of books at any given time. This summer, I have been busy devouring books and wanted to share some of my favorites…

    1. Big Shifts Ahead. This is a phenomenal read. Somewhat geared toward real estate agents but I think it would be a great book for anyone trying to determine what demographic is going to be driving the changes in the marketplace in the future. The book outlines what the authors think are the seven biggest opportunities and how to shift your approach to accommodate these opportunities.
    2. Secrets of Six Figure Women. Women and money is always an interesting topic for me. This book was originally written in the early 2000’s so the numbers are a bit outdated, although, the information is still valid. The author explores the characteristics of successful women and she has found there were a number of traits of all successful women making 100k or more.
    3. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. This book was fabulous! This two person dialogue is of a therapist and her clients and the therapist and HER therapist. The author examines the parallels of the therapist and her clients and then her as the client and her therapist. A reminder that life has its ups and downs and a humorous take on human nature and life.
    4. A Year of Less. This year we sold two homes and consolidated the households into one SMALLER home. Through this process, I have become intrigued with ‘stuff’. Have you ever thought about where all your stuff comes from and the space it takes up? The author of this book decided to go on a spending freeze for a year and the book chronicles her year. This ends up being a cathartic experiment AND the reader is surprised with what the author both gains and losses through the year of less. HINT: this has more to do with life than the actual items.
    5. Digital Minimalism. I have such a love/hate relationship with my phone. Obviously, I need it to chat with clients, friends, family, etc. but I can get so addicted to it. There are days that I come home and my hand hurts from scrolling through my phone, looking at texts, emails, social media and the Internet. I was hooked when this book opened comparing the scrolling of social media to a slot machine at a casino. This book will make you examine your relationship with your phone and social media.

    As Dr. Sesus said, ““The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Tell me, what are YOU reading currently?


Liz is  broker and owner of Liz Daigle Realty.

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