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Transitions have been a constant theme in my life lately; babies being born, marriages, relationships starting and ending, new businesses… I suppose transitions are just part of LIFE. I am sure I am noticing them more because I am in the midst of a major transition: buying a home.

I am not sure about you but I struggle with change. I spiral. I unravel. It is certainly not a good look but it is usually my first response when I get nervous. There are a lot of moving pieces to manage and plan for with this change. Not only am I combining two households, I am downsizing and have to be very strategic with what I take into my new space. Upon buying a new home tomorrow, I will sell another home and this is where the stress starts to creep in…

Even though I had a quick closing, the hardest part of this transition is the waiting. With nowhere to put my packed things, I have put off packing. Knowing that once I close, the chaos will start.

So yes, the tables are now turned. I am going through exactly what my clients go through when they buy and sell a home and it is hard! According to a recent survey, selling your home is more stressful than getting a divorce. Buying a home is just slightly less stressful.

buying a home













Change is inevitable and as much as I hate going through it myself, I do enjoy being able to aid my clients through change while they buy or sell a home. Typically a purchase and/or sale of a home is prompted by change.

Some are downsizing because their babies have grown up.
Some are buying their first home on their own (at many different life stages).
Some are buying an investment home.
Some are moving in with a loved one.
Some are having babies and need a bigger home.

Whatever the reason, I enjoy being with my clients and helping navigate through these big transitions.

Going through this experience recently has reminded me of the stress that a life change, like buying and/or selling a home, can bring. As with any stressful experience, be sure to offer yourself grace, practice self care, such as yoga, meditation and/or exercise to help manage stress and keep everything in perspective and get excited for your new home!! I am here to say – I understand, it IS stressful and chaotic but well worth it.


Liz is broker and owner of Liz Daigle Realty.


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