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Excuse us while we cram all our personal items into this smaller space in Downtown Littleton which is why, for the time being, projects have stopped monetarily. Read here and here if you missed the projects thus far. When you are limited on space, you need to utilize every inch of your space. So, how do you proceed when you are moving into a smaller space?

  1. Go through your personal belongings before the movsmaller spacee. Sometimes this one is tough as during a move you may be limited on time. If you are able to organize and consolidate before the move, it will be easiest to unpack and find a new home for items that you need in your smaller space.
  2. Choose multi-functioning furniture (the other function being: storage).
    Buy a couch with room to store blankets, a chest instead of a coffee table, a dresser instead of a console table. When you live in a smaller space, the key is to have LOTS of storage.
  3. Go UP. If you were blessed with heigh ceilings, use them! High shelving, large pieces of art, etc. High ceilings will help draw the eye up and make the room feel bigger.
  4. Stick to a neutral palette. Neutral colors let the space feel open and airy. smaller space
  5. Open shelving. Have a small kitchen? We do! Consider open shelving as a place to store and showcase your dishes.
  6. Natural light. Sunlight makes the smaller space feel bigger. If you are able to, get creative and add in windows to your space. If that is not an option, improvise with mirrors. Mirrors give the illusion of natural light and more space!
  7. Use every space in your home. This is your chance to get creative, is there dead space in your home? Underneath the stairs? An entry way? A mud room? A random room (we have that in Littleton!). Use it. Give the space function with a piece of furniture with storage or built-ins.

Sure, it is easy when you have a lot of space and all your personal belongings fit into your home. But when you start to look for a home, often some of your criteria has to be amended. As we know, space is limited in ANY city. If you enjoy the walkability, sometimes you have to compromise on space. That being said, it can be done and it’s fun to get your creative juices flowing with this challenge!

We bought a home in Historic Downtown Littleton! Are you considering buying a home in Littleton? Here are a few homes currently on the market:

Liz is  broker and owner of Liz Daigle Realty.



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