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Even through a pandemic, the Denver real estate market still remains a strong seller’s market. As we navigate these new restrictions to showings it is even more imperative that seller’s employ a great marketing strategy that includes pricing the home right, professional photos and more. With the current health concerns, buyers are doing a lot more research online before actually stepping into a home.

Think of the presentation of the home like a first interview. You are taking the time to get to know it, a buyer is trying to determine if it is a good fit. Will the layout work? Are the features what they want? When you go on an interview, what are you going to wear? In corporate America it would be your nicest suit (please!). As a entrepreneur, you may not need to have a suit but you definitely want to look your best, correct?

According to 92% of buyers use the Internet for their home search. Since most people start their home search online, professional pictures are the first thing that sells a home. Without professional pictures, fewer buyers will step foot into your home which results in less interest and less offers.

Putting your best foot forward can actually make you money. This fact holds true for homes that use professional photography. A 2010 Redfin study showed that professionally photographed homes sell for at least $934 and as much as $18,819 more than homes photographed by an amateur.

So, how do professional pictures sell real estate?

  1. The right angle. Photographers are trained to find the features of the home and capture it in a way to exemplify the feature. One does not need 500 pictures of the home to sell it but rather a handful of pictures that capture the right angle.
  2. Lighting. There is not enough emphasis placed on the strength of good lighting in a picture. Again, it can help bring focus to the home’s features.
  3. Composition. Photographers will define the subject and the elements that need to be in the picture.  This allows the pictures to tell a story and create more appeal.
  4. Editing. After the shoot, the photographer will choose the best pictures to help you sell the home.

With a majority of the home search occurring online, professional pictures are a mandatory part of the marketing plan. As a seller, ensure your agent is keeping their iPhone in their pocket and not snapping pictures to use to sell your home.


Liz is  broker and owner of Liz Daigle Realty.


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