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With a very competitive Denver real estate market, buyers can often get burnt out as the compete for their next home. As a buyer’s agent I always like to employ what I call the wild card. The wild card, defined by Wikipedia as ” a thing whose influence is unpredictable or whose qualities are uncertain”. The wild card home is one that pushes buyers to stretch their criteria for a home or offer a creative solution.

Do you need a fourth bedroom? The wild card home may have three bedrooms but an unfinished basement with the ability to add the fourth bedroom. Striking out on getting a home under contract because you are being beaten out? The wild card home might be a home that matches your criteria but has been on the market for two weeks because it needs a fresh coat of paint. Or quite possibly the wild card home may be over your price point but it has a mother-in-law that you can rent for additional monthly income.

The wild card home requires a buyer to think objectively and creatively while being open to potentially pivoting, which are incredibly useful tools to have in the incredibly tight real Denver estate market that we are in currently. Maybe the wild card home could become your ace?

Liz is  broker and owner of Liz Daigle Realty.

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