life lessons on my 34th birthday.

Some of you may know there was a major holiday recently. No, not July 4th but July 11th, my birthday. This year I turned 34 and for some reason I had a time with this one. I won’t say it was a good or a bad time but it certainly made me pause a little bit more than the past years. Not yet 35, but moving into my mid thirties, birthdays now become almost laughable as I have always been a girl with a plan. My life was neatly etched out in my mind and where I am not is nowhere where I thought I would be. Although, it is better.

For those of you who know me personally, you know this year has been a challenge for me. In the past year I got pneumonia twice, was on 12 antibiotics and two rounds of steroids. The last six months have been spent getting myself back to working order because for a while I could barely function I was so sick. Getting myself back to health including going gluten, dairy, booze, vinegar free and a lot of supplements. (More on this later.)

Through it all, this year has sure been transformational and I wanted to take the time to reflect on what I have learned over the past 34 years on my 34th birthday.

  1. Wear sunscreen. You will burn, blister, etc. especially being a mile higher.
  2. Dance. Always.
  3. Sweat cures everything. Sweat it all out.
  4. You will not OD on fish oil. Drink it up.
  5. Same goes for coconut oil.
  6. Some people need one eye doctor, you need two.
  7. Always and I mean always bring additional contacts while traveling overnight. There is nothing worse than having to call your parents because you can’t see to drive home.
  8. No Liz, you do not like Fireball and it does not like you.
  9. Tea time is always a great time.
  10. You will meet people at the most random places, roll with it. Open houses, meetups, coffee shops, a hot tub.
  11. Do not be afraid of adult sororities. You will meet the best girlfriends in your life.
  12. Yoga solves everything.
  13. Breathe when good AND bad things happen.
  14. You will meet your mirror. Let him forever change you then get back to work.
  15. You can build a business being your weird/awkward self.
  16. “Always own the conversation.” Best life advice from a great salesperson.
  17. Oil is for the skin – walnut, hoba, avocado, olive.
  18. Epsom salt baths are transformational. You need them multiple times a week.
  19. Stop making life so hard. Life is supposed to be fluid. Let it happen.
  20. You will be too much for some people. These are not your people.
  21. You will meet the best friends, professionals and salespeople at one single financial institution (Fidelity Investments).
  22. Be curious always.
  23. Something bigger is going on if 12 round of antibiotics isn’t fixing the problem.
  24. Gut health is everything.
  25. There is nothing better than a good nights sleep.
  26. Friends that make you laugh until you cry are hard to find. If you find one and they ask to touch your face, let them!
  27. If it feels off, it is. Trust your gut.
  28. Drop the expectations, you will just waste time.
  29. People will refer you even if you don’t beg for business. Do your best, be your best. Always.
  30. If you haven’t figured out makeup at 34, you probably won’t ever. Put the mascara down.
  31. Keto is for your brain.
  32. You have an unique dichotomy and have the ability to switch from left to right brain often. Use it wisely.
  33. Buy low, sell high. Always consider going in when everyone is going out.
  34. Life will not look like how you expected, it will be better.

There you have it, that is what I have learned by my 34th birthday. Life is unique and constantly changing and you just have to roll with it most days. Continue to strive to be your best self and maybe a birthday is the best time to reflect?



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