However you look at it – it is an exciting time in Denver! People are moving here from other parts of the country. Industries, such as, technology, finance, healthcare and startups are bringing their businesses here. Denver is quickly moving from a small town to a big city with innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and an energy to continue growing.

Where does all this change leave people? As I have watched and been part of the growth, I have noticed there is a societal gap. Masses of people are moving here, but often alone. People are left looking for a network, whether professionally or personally. As we enter this “new” Denver, people are left confused as the identity of Denver has changed – new neighborhoods are built, replacing old and new restaurants and shops are popping up.

Living and Loving Denver was created to bridge the gap. Let’s take on this new city, as a community. The group allows people new and old to Denver to meet and connect with likeminded people. Events are social in nature throughout different neighborhoods in Denver. Lets all get acquainted with this great city we are lucky enough to call home.

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