Three months ago I decided to uproot my life from Merrimack NH to Denver Colorado. I left an eight year career in finance to pursue a passion of mine- real estate. I had a number of reasons to be in Denver; my two sisters, the exceptional real estate market and the SUN. To the people that know me, this huge decision was out of character for me. I typically pursue stability rather than risks especially in my personal life. Through the last three months, I have learned a number of things.

It is scary. Even as an adult, you will feel insecure at times.

Don’t forget where you came from. Ever. Call your old friends and take time to keep up with their life. I am here because of all of their love and support.

With a big change, vices will appear. Whatever the vice may be, try to roll with it and be gentle on yourself.

There are some people you need to leave in your past. They may not be bad people but sometimes you just need to move without some people.

If you want something- GO FOR IT. Determine what you want and do not be afraid to ask for it.

The term ‘home’ is relative. Sometimes its more like a moving target when you uproot your life. Remember things will come together eventually.

Personal possessions are just things and can be replaced. I had a very hard time selling all my furniture and leaving my home but I can honestly say I have not given the possessions much thought at all. My life is no different without those things.

Be gentle on yourself. Everything has changed and its going to take some time for it all to come together. Enjoy the ride.

Be real. It is so much easier being yourself than someone else. Do not fight your quirkiness, weaknesses, strengths, and uniquely ‘you’ traits.

Trust yourself. You have made it this far, you will succeed. Do not second guess your decisions.

Know your new demographics. Overall, the Northeast is known as high strung, cold, fast-paced, direct and type A personalities. Denver is not. Comparatively, people are very laid back and enjoy life. Follow suit, its probably the best thing for you.

Let go. Stop trying to control it or worry about it.

Maintain a healthy balance between long term and short term goals. You will not move mountain immediately but have no doubt it will happen. Some days your short term goal will be to make it through the day, which is fine. Do not forget why you set out to do this though and keep moving towards longer term goals.

Give back. Give back Give back. The fact that you had the opportunity to do this is a blessing, don’t lose sight of that.

The best way to get a lay off the land? Turn your GPS off and just drive. It’s a grid (sort of) you will probably find your way home, if not send out an SOS.

Build a team. People that are better than you at things, learn from them, trust them, open up to them. Keep everyone else’s opinion at the wayside.

Take breaks. Not only when you have worn yourself so thin that you need to take a break. Take a break to just take a break.

Boundaries? You need those. Set them up as soon as possible. Create boundaries for life and work. Determine what are you willing to do and where do you draw the line. Communicate this because the people in your life do not know you all that well yet.

Listen. It is the best and easiest way to connect with another person.

Get out of your comfort zone every single day. It’s uncomfortable and anxiety provoking but eventually it will get easier. Once it gets better- don’t stop, keep pushing to another level.

It took 30 years to do something this scary and it has been a game changer in my life. Relocating to a different part of the world pushes you to a level which you sometimes can’t reach staying in the same spot. It can completely change your perception on the world and life. Although it can sometimes be a hard decision or not even your own decision, I highly recommend doing it once in your life. Now, where should I move to next?!
In addition to writing for Daigle’s Digs, Elizabeth works full-time as a Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty Downtown, LLC. Elizabeth’s expertise is in buying and selling a home, first time home buyers, short sales, and investment properties. Contact Elizabeth for any real estate needs. Cell 303-819.73.71. Work 720-314-8352.
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