Move over Zillow, Homebot is the newest resource in town. Homebot is a comprehensive website for both buyers and sellers, alike. It provides very relevant information, such as, the value of your home, neighborhood market analysis and opportunities with the equity created.In the past few weeks, you may have received an email from Homebot providing you with detailed information for your current home and/or market information regarding the neighborhood you are purchasing your new home in.

For Homeowners: Homebot originally started by only providing information to homeowners. The comprehensive tool is able to give you an estimated value of your home and what you have paid so far and your equity in the home. Taking this information, Homebot will give you different sanerios of what you can do with the equity. Such as, what value of a home you could afford if you sold or what you could afford if you chose to use the equity to buy a investment home. Of course, these are all estimates but through the site you can easily request a Comparative Market Analysis from your real estate agent and/or financing options through your lender.

For Buyers: This is a recent upgrade to the website and provides additional and valuable information to those purchasing a home. As you start your search, you and your real estate agent can input certain zip codes you are interested in. A market report is then generated detailing how long it takes for buyers to buy a home in this neighborhood, similar neighborhoods that you may want to look at, how much you could afford with current interest rates and the ability to communicate with your relator and lender.

There are not many online resources that impress me but Homebt with its broad-based information for homeowners and homebuyers certainly has. As we start to see a shift in the market and interest rates, Homeboy presents a superb opportunity to learn more about your biggest asset, your home. Want to research your own home on Hombot? Feel free to go here.

Liz is  broker and owner of Liz Daigle Realty.

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